What is Deconstruction?

Deconstruction is an environmentally-friendly alternative to demolition. Trained deconstruction crews carefully deconstruct the building to salvage as many of the reusable materials as possible, diverting them from local landfills. Salvaged items typically include doors, windows, cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures, framing lumber, roofing materials and flooring.

Materials are shipped to TRP retail warehouses, or to the warehouses of partnering organizations, for sale and distribution to the public. Salvaged lumber is sometimes used as raw material by furniture, cabinet and flooring manufacturers.


Deconstruction services

What Are the Steps for Building Deconstruction?


Get a Salvage Survey from TRP

A TRP representative will visit your project and write a salvage survey with photographs identifying the type, quality and quantity of all salvageable materials.


Receive an Appraisal Consultation

The survey and photos will be sent to qualified building materials appraisers who will give you a preliminary value of your donation at no cost. If you choose to go ahead with the project, the appraiser you hire will complete a full appraisal report.


Get a Free Deconstruction Bid

A TRP-Certified Deconstruction Contractor will submit a bid to carefully deconstruct your building to TRP specifications.



TRP takes it from there.

What are the benefits to the owner?

The value of used building material donations can often be substantial – large enough to pay for the costs of deconstruction. The following chart shows actual deconstruction jobs and the donation value received by their respective homeowners. The amounts listed are dependent upon several variables and should not be used to assess your specific situation. For additional information, see the Canadian Homeowner’s Guide to Donations..

TRP Deconstruction

Actual Appraised Donation Values

Below this chart is a comparison of deconstruction costs to those of traditional demolition on actual projects. To calculate the economic benefit you could receive when choosing The ReUse Solution™.

CitySq. FeetAppraised Value
North Vancouver1112$43,615
North Vancouver2728$167,765

Difference Between Deconstruction and Demolition

This chart is a composite based on actual jobs and is used here to make an economic comparison of deconstruction and demolition. This composite is a single-story, 2200 square foot house plus garage, with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, raised foundation, composite shingles, single-paned windows, carpeting, hardwood floors, and a 12 x 40 wood deck.

In the machine demolition scenario, the owner pays $31,500, but in the TRP deconstruction scenario, the homeowner receives $65,000 in tax credits reducing total deconstruction costs to $16,730 and saving $14,770.

Strip out$11,500$8,500
House removal & disposal28,00017,500
Foundation removal5,5005,500
Appraisal cost1,500-
-------------------- --------------------
Total costs46,50031,500
-------------------- --------------------
Appraised value
Total costs (from above)46,50031,500
- Tax credis (29% & 16.8%)*29,770-
-------------------- --------------------
Net Total Costs$16,730 $31,500

After-Tax Benefit $14,770

* 29% federal & 16.8% BC

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