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8729 Aisne Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 3P1

Classroom and Field Training

deconstruction worker training

Deconstruction Training

TRI offers three types of deconstruction training: worker training and certification, contractor training, and two-day workshops for professionals (e.g., architects, general contractors, engineers, municipal building and solid waste department managers).

All TRP training programs are designed to meet the specific needs of the target audience. The benefits, challenges, intricacies and economics of deconstruction are discussed with varying emphasis and detail.

TRP has trained and certified 521 workers and 72 contractors throughout the U.S. in the art and science of deconstruction.

Deconstruction Worker Certification

TRI has trained the California Conservation Corps, ex-offenders, YouthBuild, community-corrections enrollees and community college students in deconstruction skills, safety, tool usage, building-materials salvage and product distribution. All workers who graduate from the program receive certificates of completion.

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Contractor Training

All contractor training takes place at the contractor’s headquarters and jobsite. Contractors receive training manuals for themselves and their employees. PowerPoint presentations and in-depth discussions cover estimating, bidding, marketing/sales, safety, and government regulations. On the jobsite, the trainer demonstrates how to remove each building component using techniques that preserve its highest value, coaching workers individually as needed.

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TRI conducts one- and two-day deconstruction workshops throughout the U.S. These workshops provide contractors, architects, municipal employees, building owners and interested others an overview of this burgeoning industry. All workshops cover everything from removal and protection of building components to cost estimates and in-depth discussion of potential tax advantages.

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